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2018 Wildlife Week Poster Winner

Brooklyn Hoffman's poster won second place in 4th grade competition for the State Competition. You can see her poster displayed on the Nebraska's Wildlife Federation's webpage at   
Congratulations Brooklynn!Brooklynn and her teacher Mrs. Anderson displaying her award winning poster!

Bicycle Safety at CIS!

We greatly appreciate Chadron's Police Department and all they do to protect us.  Each spring, CPD teaches bicycle safety to elementary students.  They also helped look over our bikes to be sure they were in good working order.  Chadron Police Department teamed up with our SRO Derek Bauer helping us be safe!
 When riding, always:

Jove and her Illuminated Adventures!

Jove just finished Flora and Ulyssis:  The Illuminated Adventures.  

Dr. Aaron Fields Presents Burrowing Owls at CIA May 9th, at 3:45

Dr. Aaron Fields is bringing a presentation to our afterschool program on May 9th.  He did his doctoral work on the migration of Burrowing Owls.  Please remind your students they definitely want to attend CIA on May 9th!  It starts at 3:45.

Two More Great Readers! Isaac and Sophie!

Joking aside-These kids are great kids and great readers!

I was reading a book, “ The History of Glue.” I couldn't put it down.

If we didn't have libraries, many people thirsty for knowledge would dehydrate.

Long Dry Spell - Jack Reads Across Nebraska!

It's been a long dry spell just like the pioneer's ride across Nebraska.   Jack made it with a smile on his face and new knowledge.  He read about Weird But True Facts About Animals.  He also enjoyed a couple of Magic Tree House Book.  If you ever want to know some weird but true facts about animals, just ask Jack!

Americanism Essay Contest Champion Hayden Byrd!

Congratulations to Hayden Byrd for her 1st Place in the State Americanism Essay Writing Contest!

Four in a Row! #readacrossnebraska

We are six weeks into the 4th quarter of school and we have had 1 dozen students conquer the Read Across Nebraska Challenge! This week, we had 4 students turn in their bookmarks.  We paste them upon our wall representing the drive across our great state!  We are proud of the reading they have done and continue to do.  We are also excited to find out who will be the next readers to reach the Wall of Fame!Audrey's favorite book was:  Mr.

CIS Garden-Kids Dig Dirt!

CIS students are really digging the garden! Actually, we just got our seeds planted. Kids got to choose but the most popular plants were beans-sorry mom-very few peas!

2018 Spring Dental Days!


School Canceled due to weather forcast (Friday 13th of April)

Due to the weather forecast, school will be canceled today (4/13/18).  Please help spread the word!  Best advise for everyone is to stay home and wait it out. 

Spend time with your family.  Help others in need! Kids can read a book.  Play a board game.  Help others in need! Clean your room. BE SAFE!

The Tale of a Great Reader! - Josephine reads across Nebraska!

#8#ChadronCardinals #readacrossnebraska Josephine loves to read books from the public library as well as the schools. She is working really hard to finish The Tale of Despereaux before its due date! Congratulations Josephine!

Kylie is #7-Reading Across Nebraska!

#7 Kylie is our 7th student to complete the challenge of Reading Across Nebraska!  She did it by re

Tayven-Always an overachiever!

Tayven read across Nebraska and half way back!

Drayvin and The Fire Ascending! (#5)

Drayvin has a fire within him to read!  This book had over 500 pages!
Drayvin just read book #7 of The Last Dragon Chronicles!  He recommends this book to anyone who likes to read about dragons and their natural enemies!  Congratulations Drayvin!

Allison Completes the Challenge!

Allison read 450 pages!

Paige-Reads Across Nebraska (#3) Nice Move!

Reading Across Nebraska make you more flexible! 
Paige is the 3rd student to read 450 pages!Reading also:Gives knowledgeImproves your brainReduces stressImproves memoryImproves imaginationDevelops critical thinking skillsBuilds vocabularyImproves writing skills

Breaking Ground on the Garden! Earth Day Work Day is April 21st!!

Breaking Ground on the Garden! Earth Day Work Day is April 21st!!

We love to read!

Congratulations to Emmerson- She Read Across Nebraska!
 450 Pages=450 MilesEmmerson is a 3rd Grader in Mrs. Hoffman's classroom. She is the 2nd CIS student to complete the challenge, but the first in her grade. She read over 450 pages in about 3 weeks. As you can see on her bookmark-She loves to read!