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Reading for Runza Celebration

 This school year students at Chadron Primary School participated in "Reading for Runza".  Students were able to set monthly reading goals and either read on their own or have an adult read to them as they completed a calendar to track their progress.  At the end of every month students could turn in their calendars and receive certificates for Runza kid's meals.  As a school, Mrs. Ritterbush was able to track which classroom turned in the most calendars and that class earned a Runza Reading Party.  Mrs.


 We were able to have the final Cardinal of the Month celebration this week and as with all of the others it did not disappoint.  These students were able to have breakfast with Principal Mack and enjoy some time with other students.  Classroom teachers chose these kiddos as representatives of great choices and following the Cardinal Way.  The examples these students set for other children in the building is fantastic and we are excited to honor each of them with our special breakfast.  Keep making the positive choices kiddos and have a GREAT SUMMER!

2nd Grade Visits Homestead Bank

 During the last quarter of school Chadron Primary School second graders participated in a field trip to Homestead Bank in downtown Chadron.  Homestead Bank has sponsored a supplemental banking and savings curriculum that 2nd grade teachers utilize to help students understand the process of saving and spending.  The program is called Saving with Mandy and Randy and the students really enjoy the instructional materials that help guide them through the saving and spending cycle.  The culminating activity for our students is to then take a trip to the bank to see money in action.  The students

1st Grade Field Trip to the Mari Sandoz Center

 On Friday, April 29th the first grade classes had the opportunity to take a field trip to the Mari Sandoz Center to take part in The Sun, Earth, and Universe Exhibit.  The students were able to explore and learn about planets, the sun, the stars and even build a space craft. The students also got to learn a little bit about Mari Sandoz!

2nd Grade Participates in AgSplosion

 Chadron Primary School 2nd graders were able to participate in the UNL Extension event AgSplosion.  Students were able to be a part of the day in exploring interactive sessions that highlighted Nebraska's #1 industry - Agriculture.    Kids learned about a variety of topics including corn, beans, beef cattle, ag careers, and many more.  The students had a GRAND time learning about so many things and have great memories of the day ~ thank you UNL Extension for hosting this educational day!

Kindergarten Clean-Up

 With all of our winds over the past few weeks, we have had a lot of extra trash blow into our space.  Last week we had some of our kindergarten students who decided that, "We need to make our school look nice and not like we litter."  We are so proud of our youngest Cardinals who continue to follow the Cardinal Way and are so responsible and respectful of our space.  Way to Go!!

Chadron Primary School 1st and 2nd Grade Spring Concerts

 Chadron Primary School students performed their songs for the Spring Concert under the direction of Mrs. Kassy Schrader.  The first graders took the stage all decked out in their Spring outfits and did a nice job of performing for family and friends and they were followed by the second graders who sang their hearts out.  Everyone in attendance was treated to some great singing and very entertaining performances.  Thank you Mrs. Schrader, teachers, families, students, and all who helped bring this event to life!  

CSC Volleyball Girls Visit Chadron Primary School

 Chadron State College Volleyball Girls made a visit to Chadron Primary School and had so much fun during Reading and Recess!  The Primary students were so excited to welcome our visitors to the building and enjoyed all of the time together.  A HUGE thanks to Coach Stadler and her volleyball girls for taking the time to visit our little Cardinals!

Chadron Primary School Attends Challenge Days at CSC

 Students from Chadron Primary School were able to attend Challenge Days up at Chadron State College.  This day of physical activities is hosted by students in the HPER program and the college students have some outstanding centers for the elementary students to explore.  We want to thank Mrs. Rischling, Dr. Ritzen, and Dr. Hoffman for the coordinated effort to make this day such a success.  Our students love the opportunity to take the bus up to CSC and participate in all of the fun!

Thank You First Baptist Church

 Chadron Primary Staff received a wonderful delivery from the First Baptist Church today.  These special surprises made each staff member's day and we want to send a HUGE THANK YOU to the congregation for thinking of our staff!


What an AMAZING group of students!!!  These Cardinals of the Month got to enjoy a special breakfast with Principal Mack to celebrate all of their efforts.  These students were chosen by their classroom teachers because they continue to follow the Cardinal Way and set such incredible examples for their peers.  We are always excited to celebrate good choices and we want to thank these students and their families for helping to make Chadron Primary School such a great place!  



Perfect Attendance

 These girls registered perfect attendance for the first three quarters of school at Chadron Primary School!  This is not an easy feat to accomplish with all of the activities and illness that often comes with school; however, they attended every day with big smiles on their faces.  We want to thank the families of all of our students for understanding the importance of consistent attendance at school!  Way to Go Girls!


 Chadron Primary School began March by celebrating our February Cardinals of the Month with another group of amazing individuals.  These students have been chosen by their homeroom teachers as children who are going above and beyond the expectations of The Cardinal Way.  The students celebrated by having a special breakfast with Principal Mack and enjoyed sharing stories of good news across our three grade levels.  We are so proud of the choices these young people make ~ GREAT JOB kiddos!

Chadron Middle School Students Come Visit Chadron Primary School

Students from Chadron Middle School and Mrs. Waugh's eighth grade class came to Chadron Primary School to celebrate Read Across America Day!  Our young students enjoyed hearing our older students and the joy of our 8th graders to come back to Primary was awesome!  Thank you Mrs. Waugh and to the students of Chadron Middle School who took time out of their day to celebrate with our children.


 Chadron Primary School staff was treated to VIP Room Service! ❤️ This special treat was a coordinated effort between our Climate/Courtesy Committee chairperson and some grateful parents!  Our staff was overwhelmed with this act of kindness and we want to thank all of the efforts put into making each one of us feel so special and valued!  Thank you again!